"Our Solar System is in a constant state of spin thrusting through the Vacuum, a Plasma Field of Seen and Unseen." -- Elizabeth Trutwin

The Planck Distance is 1.616 x 10 -33 cm The Planck Plasma Sphere is the smallest natural unit of measure we have for a photon of light and it is in perfect equilibrium throughout Space. The Universe is expanding. The Vacuum is contracting to infinity. All of reality merged from the feedback of expansion and contraction. The expansion part is the electrostatic radiation and the contraction part is the curvature of Space Time and the Vacuum energy going toward the singularity at the center of the system. The expansion part of the Universe is what we see as reality which is the radiating electromagnetic emission that we see; a Star, Planet, Atom, they all radiate energy which is why we see it. The contractive part that we don't see would be the Vacuum energy as Space Tine curving into it generating singularity, generating the gravitational field. There is a relationship between electromagnetism and gravity. Einstein wrote 10 differential equations which he wrote the expressions for. He did not solve them. For example, E = mc2 i is the equation for General Relativity where E = Energy, m = mass and c2 i = the Speed of Light. Einstein named the expressions of the 10 equations, he did not input the values to solve the Equations.

A Physicist named Karl Schwarzschild generated what he called "The Schwarzschild Solution". It became the first solution to Einstein's Field Equations which we still use today. Field Equations are referring to the Field of Space or The Vacuum. The Schwarzschild solution was missing a rotating metric. The first solution to Einstein's Field Equations was a Black Hole. It's called a Schwarzschild Singularity. It made an Black Hole. But, because when you go to singularity, Einstein's Field Equations go to infinity. Until Nassim Haramein solved Einstein's Field Equations, it was called the "unsolved non-linear part of Einstein's Field Equations". Preeminent Physicist, Nassim Haramein, published a paper on December 21, 2012 which solved Einstein's Field Equations by adding spin. There is a Geometry of the Fabric of the Field, the expanding part, which represents this phenomenology. That is the Geometry of a Sphere; a Sun, Planet, Galaxy, Atom, Cell. Understanding the contractive part of the Vacuum means understanding the Geometry of the Foundation of Creation. That is the Key to the Force of Creation of All Things. Applying this to Human spirituality, we can see, by going to the Inner Singularity inside our Hearts, in Meditation, we become more and more radiance. This is the Philosophical part of the mathematics of Ascension.

The Holographic Universe Where We Are A Part Of And The Same As The Whole.

The very Source of your existence is the Vacuum Density. It is in you, all around you and interacting with you. It is the measure of the amount of information storage available which we may think of as DNA braiding, electrical impulse transmissions such as heartbeat and neurotransmitters. Through imaging such as X-rays, CT Scans and Kirlian photography, we can see fluctuations in the Vacuum Density within our lungs, spinal discs, between nerve cells, within the toroidal field of our Plasma Sun, on the edges of an Oak leaf and the Hand Chakra energy.  These are physical manifestations showing the Vacuum as a region free of matter but not free of field.  Field is defined as a physical quantity that has a value for each point in space and time. It can be thought of as an underlying energy that permeates all of Space, as a liquid fills a cup. Einstein called it Ether.

These are physical manifestations showing the Vacuum as a region free of matter but not free of field.

Vacuum fluctuations are always created as particle–antiparticle pairs. The Vacuum energy is a special case of zero-point energy that relates to the Quantum Vacuum. These fluctuations which are manifested as Planck's spinning in the field, influencing the behavior of the Universe on Cosmological scales. Multidimensionality refers to the octaves of distance in scales between the Quantum and Cosmic. As Proton’s spin, making up everything, they are entangled to all other Proton's on all scales. Unified Physics has proven the Vacuum Density in a Proton Volume is the same as the Vacuum Density of our Universe. Everything is One.

The dynamic of the Planck oscillator putting information into a feedback loop is the Physics of Self Awareness. This flow of energy of Self Awareness through a singularity in the feedback loop is Consciousness. Coherence is Consciousness. For decades medicine has spent a lot of money on technology and surgery to map the brain and find out where Consciousness exists inside the folds of our brain’s cortex. Consciousness is non local and the antennae pulling in information utilizes the water in our brain for information transmissions. We know it is water which modulates the DNA, not the other way around.

Physicist Nassim Haramein describes the place where Cosmological and Quantum Physics come together as the Space that is s everywhere even at the Quantum level. Where Unified Physics comes together is the Planck Length. The Planck Length is the smallest natural measurement in our Universe. That is because the Planck Length, also called the Planck Plasma or the Planck Sphere, is the distance where Space and Time cannot be divided separately.

In Physics, beginning about 100 years ago, mistakes were made where the theories postulated had no physical evidence and no mathematics to back them up. We now know the Universe is a Black Hole made up of smaller Black Holes going to infinity. Because we are inside a Black Hole we only see the radiative side of the other smaller Black Holes. The contractive side must also be taken into account. Unified Physics has the physical evidence, the Casimir Effect and the math through the Scaling Law of All Organized Matter which maps energy dynamics at all scales as proof.

It is of extreme importance aware spiritual individuals make the leap to Unified Physics. It is important to understand our Universe as it truly is in order to understand and interact with Universal Law, Universal Truths. As long as you cannot yet grasp Unified Physics, it may be you are applying standard science, known for making stuff up as they go, in an arbitrary manner.  Keep with it. It eventually clicks in and becomes what makes up poetry, ecstatic beauty. Love.

In each and every human cell in our body is the entire information memory contained inside the whole Universe. When we flatten and stretch out our DNA in our body, it encircles the Earth 5 million times. Information storage. Our Hard Drive. Vacuum fluctuations as Planck's are always created as matter–antimatter pairs. This is the basis of Humanity’s ability to be Self Aware. As we move through life a recording is made of all we do. This has been called the Akashic Record and these are stored in each Planet’s Hall of Records as a collection of history for that place. As we interact with the Vacuum we both go into the information and act on the information instantly. Our bodies maintain life automatically by the feedback loop. Breathing, heartbeat, hormone balance, all occur supernaturally.

Infinities are found in Singularities as in the Human Heart.

When we meditate, go inside and do the Inner Work, we are able to connect to the infinite information in the Vacuum. We receive Guidance and act upon it. The structure of Spacetime has an infinite scalar quantized geometry. As we meditate, we can go into the singularity inside the heart to find the infinities we are made up of, we are a part of. That is how to experience ourselves as Creators. We can perceive the Highest Truths. We Ascend in a living body. This is the Physics of Consciousness. Self Awareness is Consciousness.



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