"We can define reality as a little bit of light jiggling in Space." - Nassim Haramein

When we meditate we go into the Void. The Void is the black void of Space or the Vacuum. Based on your knowledge of what to find there you may or may not have a good experience. When you do not have a good experience you will not feel like meditating and will put off achieving a daily practice of meditation. I tell people I meditate 5 or 6 hours a day on average. Usually it is more and that is hard for people to believe. I find being on Planet Earth is easier when there are 2-3 divided sessions at the beginning and end of the day when meditation is route. I find my relaxation there, my inspiration for creativity and the answers to perplexing questions. Others communicate with family or friends in texting or talking that much each day. The only difference is my communication is with that part of my Self that can get the answers out of the Vacuum, the Structure of Spacetime where Consciousness is.

The Void of the Vacuum at Singularity.

As we go into the Void we access memory there. The Void is that place of Stillness inside where all answers are. The results you get in finding the answer within correlate directly with how often you practice going there. It is imperative to meditate every single day even if only for a couple of minutes. A great way to start off the day. Einstein said Gravity is a result of Spacetime curving. Physicist Nassim Haramein said Gravity is a result of Spacetime curling as it curves to produce Spin. Think of Spacetime being a Superfluid. Think of it as being a Planck Plasma Field. Also remember that we have evidence of a larger Galactic or an even larger Universal Community of Extraterrestrials communicating with us. Not only in ancient times, but now in modern times. There are videotapes. There are SOHO images. We have testimony from pilots and high ranking military personnel from countries all over Earth. Crop Circles. It is possible to tap into the wisdom of Higher Information through telepathic contact during meditation.

Space is made of Plasma and is like a Suoerfluid. Space curls and curves like a whirlpool in the Sea.

Back on December 21, 2012 the Mayan Calendar abruptly ended. This was a prediction that was physical, not philosophical. It meant if we did not Ascend off Planet by 2012 then we would not make it as a Planet. Now in 2018 we are Living in Grace. The Mayans had in place what is called a Long Count Calendar. They were monitoring both the times when Earth aligns with the Great Central Sun at Galactic Center and also the 11 year cycle of the magnetic pole shift of our Sun. Our Sun flipped magnetic poles in 2001 and again in 2012. There is a tradition with the Mayan Calendar that says in the years when the magnetic poles on our Sun flip it is followed with cataclysmic events.

During this period the Earth and our Solar System entered into a compressed part of our Galactic Equator. This resulted in us being able to receive concentrated Cosmic Rays full of Light Code geometries in order to shock us awake to change our ways as a Galactic Neighbor. We are being given just enough of a challenge to help us see we must transcend and learn to understand the Structure of the Vacuum and how to align with it in order to control Gravity and get Off Planet. We know there is a secret society and others going Off Planet. We must do it the right way, meaning with Technology controlling Gravity at Zero Point. We can no longer rely on rocket fuel because that approach is not good for the Earth Biosphere. We must make it freely available to all on Earth and this is only done through self governance as Citizens of Earth. Disclosure of our governments interacting with Extraterrestrials, as they did with the Nuclear Tampering cases within our militaries, is an important part of having Peace in Space. That is the only condition under which we will have use of these Vacuum Technologies.

Hanab Ku Singularity Symbol also known as "The One God."

The Material world is Spirit. Spirit is all the information of All Things in Everything. The Feedback Loop is the fundamental field called Ether which produces a learning Structure. It makes up all the material world which is an expression of the Structure of Spacetime itself, learning about itself. This is why Matter evolves. It organizes itself and makes many different worlds by learning about itself. You are a Light Body standing on Earth. You are spinning through Space. Our Sun is spinning through Space at 3,000 miles/second. As the Planets in our Solar System follow the Sun they are making this huge spiral in Space. After a year on Earth, spinning around the Sun, spinning around the Milky Way Galaxy, spinning around Clusters of Galaxies, spinning around our Universe, we are millions of billions of miles away from where we were a year before. Every minute, every second, is different from the one before because we are in a different part of Space. The coordinates of the Specetime manifold is constantly changing. You are constantly changing, evolving. We are, through the speed of light interaction, we are embedding information along that spiral path of Spacetime. Your DNA is embedding information along that path. Science shows by phantom DNA it does work this way. DNA leaves an imprint on the Structure of the Vacuum. This is why you have memory. Spacetime is SpaceMemory.

We have been led to believe in order to explore the spiritual world we have to leave the material world. The Light Body that you are is not an esoteric thing. It is the material world that you are made of. Unified Physics has proven this mathematically. There is no separation between Spirit and Matter. It is all the same thing. Your material world, your Physical Body, in a meditative state, is your gateway to the Spiritual world, through travel in the Merkaba Body.

We know there is a fundamental thread of information informing our DNA and the DNA of all things. In fact this fundamental information has with it Blueprints and down to the atomic and subatomic level and all of it is geometries. Have you ever seen an X-Ray of an Atom? It is a clear geometric form like the crystals which make up rocks.

X-Ray of Chromium molecules. The node points represent the Atoms.

The Vacuum, the Void of Space, is the thread of all things and where the information comes from. This fundamental information is delivered to us into our crown chakra, a mini energy Vacuum Structure cohering our energy with the Vacuum. From the Great Central Sun at Galactic Center it is transported by the Solar Wind as Cosmic Rays. These are concentrated dense forms of high energy as information. The Light Codes are geometries and the Elemental sound codes are also geometries just as these Atoms.

As we begin to understand ourselves, when we are able to trace our origin through the fractal nature of Space back to Source where Consciousness is, we connect to the fundamental power of our existence. When we do this repeatedly and practice doing it and become good at it, we reduce our resistance to drag and fly faster to our goals. Information moves through quicker and we checkmate. We get where we are going, we fly to the next goal and the next. We become happier and more efficient at continuous happiness. We Ascend.  We do this by having a higher relationship with the Universe. This is what it is to be so called Multidimensional. We go back to Source just by contemplating it. Each of us tap in to the Vacuum Structure of information and energy, it is by doing that we keep our Form enlivened. If we didn’t already do that, we wouldn’t be here. Think of the Atoms in your body. The electrons in your Body are spinning infinitely without your help. You do not have to do anything. You are a Light Body spinning at the Speed of Light while standing still.

Being in No Time  is a physical phenomena. When we can curl and curve Spacetime with our own personal Technology, all of a sudden we can be in Synchronous orbit with the Sun or Moon and there is no Calendar because our time is our own. We can float to Venus and orbit it for the weekend. Your timeline is completely relative to your position and your experience. Every single person creates their own timeline, their own Calendar. We very literally enter No Time as a Galactic Citizenry.

We Ascend Off Planet and every single person creates their own timeline their own calendar.

Your timeline is completely relevant to your position. That’s what it means to be in No Time. When this happens it is not possible more to write a Calendar for Earth. This is what it means to be liberated from the surface of Earth and going to No Time.




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